Saturday, August 23

It really is changing fast

Well, Cherry says I am suppose to write down these feeling because I will forget them. But, I really miss nursing Sky. She is starting to take her first steps and it feels like she is running away from me. Which in reality I know she is...ahhhh. It is just like our little bond is gone. I miss the little moments through the day that we would just chill. Kind of like a tea break, but no tea and no gossip. She is growing up into a very fun girl. She loves to play, especially standing behind my back when I am sitting down or under the sheets when I am making the beds. And, she has this is sooo contagious. So, lately she gives thes hugs....she has stopped with the open mouth kisses, but she hugs you really tight before you put her to bed...Marlon and I say it gives her at least another 5 minutes. And, then the other night I was rubbing her back and when I pulled up to leave the room she signals for me to keep rubbing...huh? so I did it again and sure enough she waves me back, Love you Sky baby

Sunday, August 17

The Spread

This is the spread for the party....we mainly had adults there, but the kabobs are perfect for kids(without the skewers) Marlon did the kabobs and corn, Danielle made the awesome fruit salad and mom made the fabulous house salad.

Happy Birthday SKY!

Grandpa got Sky a new princess car
2 peas in a pod at the aquarium
For some reason we wonder why Jackson has this serious face all the time... could he have gotten it from Grandpa?
Sky is great on my back! look how big the aquarium is
Jackson said,"touch the stingrees Sky!!"

Friday, August 15

Georgia Aquarium

Jackson, Dad, Danielle, Elle, Khary, Mom, Me, Sky but, we are missing Marlon:( Khary and family came down for Sky's first birthday and mom and dad took us to the Georgia aquarium for the afternoon. It was amazing how all those sea animals "get along," why can't humans?

Can you see the hammer head in the picture. Mom walks by the tank and says, "oh my gosh, what did that fish eat!" I love my mom!

Thursday, August 14

Financial Peace University

Marlon and I took FPU Financial Peace University course offered by our Destiny this summer. We just graduated Monday, 13 lessons. Mom and Dad would hang out with Sky.... which eventually has turned into overnights....yipppeeee!!!! and Marlon and I called it date night and grabbed something to eat before we headed to church. Dave Ramsey, a financial guru, taught the course... it was a lot of effort but it was soooooo worth the time - A little paradigm shift in getting your money to work for you. I have talked with a few "grandma's" since we have been in the course and it is amazing their mentality - They are so patient and frugal with their money, they really know how to stretch their dollars. So, as Marlon would say, "I don't tell the story right, so here is the website if you are looking to learn more about getting a financial foundation for your family and help clear up all confusion." It has been a blessing!

Wednesday, August 13


Yes, our baby eats crawfish- She is a Simpson for real!

Kennesaw Mtn

Walking up Kennesaw Mtn is my favorite thing to do, and I got Marlon and Sky to go with me after a little breakfast bribe. Best rained the whole way down and Marlon did not complain at all, Sky liked the rain, too!